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Nyob Zoo Milwaukee TV -

2023 Milwaukee Consortium for Hmong Health Conference

Empowering Families: Building Resilience through Self-Care, Wellness and Health Screenings.

Bringing "...all the health professionals to come and talk with our people, do consultations, free health screenings to make sure that people understand the importance of why we do what we do during the year."

Devon Cupery’s “Seeds of Hope”

Logline: A passionate Hmong community leader addresses the shifting needs of refugee families while planting seeds for a hopeful future.

Filmmaker Statement: “I hope people are inspired by Mayhoua’s dedication in helping refugees adapt, survive, and thrive. I seek to bring visibility to the struggles and aspirations of Southeast Asian refugees as they settle in the US, from the Hmong who fled the Vietnam War in the 1970s to recent refugees from Myanmar.”

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COVID-19 has upended lives around the world and will be remembered as a tipping point moment in global history.  As Asian American non-fiction storytellers, we have a unique perspective on this pandemic, yet our stories are still largely invisible. By leaning into our strengths as documentarians of the Asian diaspora, we want to record perspectives that can disrupt mainstream narratives about Asian communities. We believe that these short-form social media stories can contribute to much-needed representation of our communities at this critical moment as well as be archived as a time capsule for future generations.

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This past year, Asian Americans have faced a double pandemic of COVID-19 and anti-Asian racism. This is a critical time to raise our voices. The tragic killings in Atlanta come after a year of increased violence against the Asian American community, fueled by racist and xenophobic political rhetoric. While we’ve seen the rise of anti-Asian racism, we’ve also seen the rise of solidarity efforts within Asian American communities, with Asian-Black solidarity movements, and with other BIPOC communities. On top of this, we are still emerging from the pandemic, finding ways to support our families, rebuild our lives, get vaccinated, and deal with the grief, pain and anger this has brought, as well as moments of joy, resilience, and hope.

What is Cancer- ENGLISH 

What is Cancer- KAREN 

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