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Community Health Workers (CHW)


"A frontline public health worker who is a trusted

member of and/or has a usually close under-

standing of the community served. This trusting

relationship enables the CHW to serve as a

liaison/link/intermediary between health and

social services and the community, to facilitate

access to services and improve the quality and

cultural competence of service delivery."

-U.S. Department of Labor

As CHWs we connect our communities to the resources that they need in order to be healthy in all aspects each and every day. We have uploaded our educational materials and some good contacts for other resources in the community. As always, please contact us!

A resource guide to assist for public health educators looking to design and lead cervical cancer prevention workshops.

Learn more about chronic conditions and health education. 

Learn more about words you might hear during a doctor's appointment and what they mean. 

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