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About Us


To engage the Asian American community for positive change regarding chronic diseases and cancer health and wellness




To advance strategies for reducing the burden of chronic diseases and cancer in the Asian American community




1.  Provide communication, education, and outreach on chronic diseases and cancer issues.

2.  Build capacity to address chronic diseases and cancer issues

3.  Address barriers to and encourage screenings and follow-up with clients and physicians

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Our Story

In an effort to address the high rates of breast
and cervical cancer in the female Hmong
community, the Milwaukee Consortium for
Hmong Health hosts a lay health education
program. The goal of the project is to reduce
barriers to the early detection and treatment
of breast and cervical cancer among Hmong
women by increasing knowledge about and
access to healthcare resources via local
Hmong women trained as community health

workers. Today, MCHH serves immigrants

and refugees from the broader

Southeast Asian American community.

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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